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Customer Experience CX Dashboard for analysing and visualising data from customer surveys

Customer Experience CX Dashboard

Customer Experience Management Survey Software

CX Dashboard for collaborative reporting / Mapping of multidimensional organisational structures / Widget-based multi-analysis dashboards for customer experience management / Fully customisable portal solution

Customer Experience Dashboard (CX Dashboard)

QuestionPro, a leading provider of survey and analytics solutions for market research and experience management, has developed a web-based Customer Experience Dashboard (CX Dashboard) that allows users to evaluate customer surveys and touchpoint analyses in real time and depending on the corresponding rights and roles on the user side. Multi-dimensional organisational structures and hierarchical user rights can be defined to control access to CX Dashboard content.

QuestionPro’s CX Dashboard for Customer Experience Management allows users to work collaboratively, share results from touchpoint analyses and delegate tasks thanks to an integrated notification and messaging function.

Innovative CX dashboard for real-time data and text analysis, graphical analysis and data visualisation

With QuestionPro’s Customer Experience Dashboard, multiple CX dashboards can be created quickly and easily using a widget wizard for an individual view of data obtained from customer surveys, offline surveys and touchpoint analyses. The survey results can be displayed in a variety of ways: radars, pie charts, bar charts, staff charts and line charts. Furthermore, time series comparisons, internal and external benchmarking, scoring models (such as Net Promoter Score), heat maps, score cards, key driver analyses and excellent data visualisation as well as ki-based (artificial intelligence) semantic text analyses are available in the CX Dashboard.

Both the complete CX Dashboards and individual survey results and selective analyses can be easily shared with other users via the “Share Dashboard” function. User-defined reports can be downloaded as PDFs.

Customer Experience Dashboard QuestionPro XA

Multidimensional organisational structure:

Easy user and segment management

Users of the Customer Experience Dashboard can be added by batch upload. Rights are assigned simply by toggle switch. Read, write, delete and delegation rights can be assigned. The creation of segments, such as teams, regions, departments or projects, is also part of the functional scope of the outstanding analysis dashboard. Segments can also be compared with each other in the form of internal and external benchmarks.

Customisable widget filters, chart types and push metrics function

Users can filter the data of all widgets displayed in the Customer Experience Dashboard in one step. For example, access global custom variables or segment results based on specific questions from touchpoint analytics. You can also change chart types (circle, line, bar, column, radar, etc.) and customise widget labels (x-axis, y-axis, chart labels, gridlines, etc.) with just a few clicks. In addition, QuestionPro’s CX Dashboard for Customer Experience Management allows you to automatically send reports according to a schedule. You can freely configure when which report should be sent to which person.

Example of QuestionPro Customer Experience Management Dashboard

Ki-based semantic text analysis

QuestionPro’s CX Dashboard allows you to perform semantic text analysis, such as free text comments from forums, social media or rating portals. The engine categorises self-learning and ki-based (artificial intelligence) comments as positive, negative or neutral, for example. In addition, the text analysis engine of the Customer Experience Dashboard records the affective states of the people commenting.

CX Dashboard designed as a fully customisable customer experience portal solution

QuestionPro’s Customer Experience Dashboard has been developed as a web-based portal solution, so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world and with any stationary or mobile device. The portal is “mobile ready” and thus highly user-friendly in everyday use.

In addition to the analysis dashboards, customisable evaluations and reports, the look and feel of the CX Dashboard QuestionPro XA is also completely customisable. Colour, menu navigation, logo and the log-in portal can be adapted to your own wishes and needs.

Messaging System Customer Experience CX Dashboard

1:1 Live Online Demo: Customer Experience CX Dashboard for Customer Experience Management

We would be happy to show you all the functions of the Customer Experience Dashboard for analysing and visualising data from customer surveys and touchpoint analyses. Arrange an individual appointment now for a personal live online presentation on QuestionPro’s CX Dashboard.

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