In our eBook “Creating and evaluating online surveys” we show you how to “listen” to your customers simply, effectively and continuously by means of online surveys. Download the free eBook for the efficient implementation of online surveys now.


Create, distribute and evaluate online surveys

QuestionPro is one of the world’s largest providers of solutions for creating, distributing and evaluating online surveys. With our tools, you can quickly and easily create online questionnaires, distribute them through various channels and thus gain valuable feedback, which you can evaluate with the integrated analysis tools. The free QuestionPro eBook “Create, distribute and evaluate online surveys” will inspire you and will be a good and easy to understand guide when conducting online surveys. But the eBook is much more than a “practical manual” that shows you the functions of our web-based survey software. It also contains methodological approaches, tips, tricks and best practices. We hope you enjoy reading it!


  • Online surveys and data collection
  • Effective implementation of an online survey
  • Survey design – Online survey design
  • Selection of question types
  • Distribute online surveys and gain feedback
  • Online panel and sampling
  • Incentivising survey participants
  • Analysis and data interpretation

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