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Conduct touchpoint analysis and customer surveys online and offline along the customer journey. Measure and optimise customer experiences at the touchpoints between customers and companies with innovative CX software.

Customer Experience Management Software SaaS

CX software

Web-based customer experience software (CX software). Innovative tools and features for customer journey and touchpoint management as well as for the continuous collection, structuring and evaluation of customer feedback according to the closed-loop principle.

CX software for Customer Experience Management

QuestionPro CX:
Important facts at a glance

What is QuestionPro CX software?

Web-based customer experience software (SaaS) for creating and distributing touchpoint analyses along the customer journey and for collecting, structuring and analysing data from customer surveys and third-party systems for sustainable evaluation and optimisation of customer experiences.

What types of surveys can be carried out?

Classic customer surveys, touchpoint analyses, check-in / check-out surveys, intercept surveys, email and SMS surveys, interviews via tablet & smartphone, telephone surveys, on-site surveys, pop-up and layer surveys, surveys via feedback -Tab, Conjoint- / TURF-Analysis, van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, Customer Satisfaction Score and many more.

Which includes evaluations QuestionPro?

Common, advanced and individual evaluation methods via freely configurable experience dashboards. GAP analyses, sentiment analyses, key driver analyses, NPS key drivers, relational & transactional NPS, benchmarks, trend analyses, driver analyses, heat maps, video analyses, correlation analyses and much more.

What are other important features?

Easy creation of customer surveys, automatic and timed surveys, detractor recovery, promoter amplification, customer lifetime value, reputation management, rating portal monitoring, KPI monitoring, community function, customer engagement tools, closed-loop ticketing system, cross-media data collection, multiple dashboards, etc.

Customer Experience CX Dashboard


Customer Experience Management Platform QuestionPro: We'll show you all the features and functions. Make an individual appointment for a personal live online presentation.

Experience Management Platform QuestionPro

Carry out touchpoint analyses with the Customer Experience Management software from QuestionPro.

With the Customer Experience Management software QuestionPro CX, your company has intelligent tools for the cost-efficient and simple collection, structuring and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from customer surveys and touchpoint analyses. All data obtained from various surveys and touchpoint analyses via different channels along the entire customer journey are centrally collected and evaluated, correlated and compared to each other and thus show a holistic picture of the current state of your customers' sensitivities, satisfaction, opinions, needs and wishes.

Software for touchpoint analyses as part of Customer Experience Management

Web-based customer experience software QuestionPro CX

Continuously capture and analyse customer feedback online and offline at customer touchpoints

Conduct customer surveys in the form of touchpoint analyses as part of Customer Experience Management exactly where you meet your customers, namely at the various touchpoints. QuestionPro's CX software offers you the right technology that enables your company to conduct customer surveys where your customers actually have an experience with your products, brands, employees and services. Only if you really survey your customers "in time" will you get answers that accurately reflect the current customer experience at the time of the survey.

CX Insights Cloud

CX Insights Cloud: More than just Customer Experience Management

With the CX Insights Cloud, QuestionPro offers a complete solution for market research, Customer Experience Management and reputation management that goes far beyond classic CX software and touchpoint analyses. Acquire, connect and analyse data from surveys, distributed systems, communities, rating portals and social media platforms and make fact-based decisions in real time!

Integrated reputation management

QuestionPro CX includes a module for monitoring ratings and comments on rating portals and social media platforms. Receive notifications about new reviews and react immediately to negative feedback directly from the QuestionPro CX software without having to log into the relevant portals and platforms. Automatically determine a sentiment ratio and use the clear reputation dashboard to track reviews.

CX reputation management

Customer Experience Management community platform

Customer Insights Community: Create a virtual brand home for your customers

QuestionPro CX gives you the ability to set up and manage your own customer and feedback community "out of the box", ready to go in no time. Key features include engagement and incentive tools, the ability to conduct online focus group discussions, quick and easy initiation of surveys within the community, idea management tools, straightforward recruitment of new community members, topic boards and forums and much more.

Customer Experience Dashboard: Analyze customer feedback in real time

All data obtained from customer surveys and touchpoint analyses flow together centrally and are evaluated in real time and visualised in a graphically appealing way. With QuestionPro CX's Experience Dashboard, you can also combine data from touchpoint analyses with inventory data from CRM, ERP or sales systems. Correlation analyses, trend analyses, NPS driver analyses, KPI tracking, GAP analyses, sentiment analyses and internal and external benchmarking are valuable features for your touchpoint analyses. QuestionPro's Experience Dashboard is multi-dahboard capable and has a sophisticated rights and roles concept.

Customer Experience Management Dashboard

Features & Benefits

Gather and analyse data from customer experiences and touchpoint analyses with Customer Experience Software Management QuestionPro CX

  • Complete and comprehensive, web-based and innovative customer experience software (SaaS) for the structured collection and analysis of customer feedback
  • Quick setup of the system, simple and intuitive to use, high user-friendliness.
  • GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified, server in the European Union.
  • Easy creation of customer surveys and touchpoint analyses across all channels
  • Connection to all existing IT systems such as CRM, sales tools, HelpDesk, DMS and BPM solutions
  • Create customer surveys and touchpoint analyses quickly, easily and intuitively using the integrated questionnaire editor
  • Complete process automation, such as automatic ticket-to-survey conversion, schedule and tracking functions, call-after-buying, autoresponder
  • Comprehensive analysis, monitoring and reporting functions in real time and via a clear experience dashboard including important key figures such as the Net Promoter Score
  • Publish positive customer feedback on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and alert you to negative reviews
  • Illustration of the Customer Journey model & touchpoint analyses
  • Semantic analysis of free text comments from social networks and rating portals according to keywords, word frequencies, word combinations
  • All applications are "mobile ready"
  • Online intercept surveys
  • Closed loop customer feedback
  • NPS driver analysis
  • Graphic free text analysis
  • Conjoint & TURF analyses
  • van Westendorp price modeling
  • Completely cross-media - PC, smartphones, tablets, wearables
  • High personalization and individualization options
  • Benchmarking function
  • Real-time response to customer feedback
  • Google Analytics and Omniture Integration
  • VOIP support & integration
  • Social Listening
  • Integrated tools for market research

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Customer Experience Management Software (SaaS)

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