In our eBook “Culture Management” we show you what is behind this term, how important culture management really is for your company and how you can develop and implement strategies within the framework of culture management.

Culture Management

Many employees of conservatively managed companies look longingly and sometimes enviously at the “cool” organizational cultures that companies like Google, Zappos and Netflix have created. And like many conservative company managers who are perhaps suspicious of this, employees overlook an important point. This type of organizational culture is not about being particularly “cool” in any way, or even about satisfied employees. It is primarily about strengthening what makes the company successful and adapting it to changes in the markets. It is about developing an organizational culture that keeps talent in the Company and that the market perceives as particularly progressive.

The eBook is written in English and can be downloaded using the form on the right (PDF, ca 1.7 MB)


Chapter 1: Beyond Foosball

Chapter 2: What Culture Really is

A Definition

A Time for Action

Chapter 3: Values in the Real World

Values in Your World


Chapter 4: Zappos- It’s Not about Happiness

We think we’re confusing the results of a strong culture with the attributes of a strong culture.

Chapter 5: Netflix- It’s Not about Slide Decks

Communicating Your Brand/Culture

Chapter 6: Change is not Optional

Chapter 7: The Assessment Approach to Change

Finding the Right Assessment

Backed by theory

Leaves you in control, not the consultant

Fits with your culture (and cultural aspirations)

Planning and Implementation



Chapter 8: The Process Approach to Change

One Step at a Time

Learning is Not Optional

Chapter 9: Your Role in All This

Chapter 10: The Inconvenient Truth About Culture Change

Culture work is fragile

Chapter 11: The Future Is Now

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