“Engaged employees will make you money, disengaged employees will cost you money” → Marshall Goldsmith. To learn more about the topic of employee engagement and how the company culture has a decisive influence on company success, you can download this free eBook.


Employee Engagement – What does that mean?

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment of employees to their own company and its goals and strategies. The consequence of this commitment is that employees not only work to ensure that their salary is credited to their account at the end of the month, but that employees are also emotionally connected to the company and thus committed to achieving the company’s goals. A committed and emotionally involved employee always goes one step further than someone who “does his or her job”. In other words, efforts on the part of employers towards employee engagement are a real investment.


The eBook on the topic of employee engagement contains a detailed definition as well as an overview of the development and theories to date. In addition, the authors show the difference between strong and weak organizational cultures, and address the topics of performance management, happiness, stress, morale and productivity.

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