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Conduct regular and cost-efficient employee surveys along the employee journey and evaluate them in real time with innovative survey methods and a smart employee experience dashboard

Employee Experience Management Software

Employee Journey

Enable continuous employee feedback with QuestionPro's Employee Experience Management software and get an up-to-date picture of the performance, engagement, satisfaction, loyalty and identification of your company's workforce.

Employee Experience Management Platform with Experience Dashboard

Important facts at a glance

What is QuestionPro Employee Experience Management?

QuestionPro Employee Experience Management Software is a web-based HR feedback and analysis platform for creating, conducting and evaluating employee surveys of all kinds along the employee journey.

What types of surveys can be carried out?

360/180 degree feedback, pulse surveys, feedback via app, feedback via terminals, continuous feedback, onboarding/exit surveys, commitment, satisfaction, anonymous feedback dialogues, transfer strength analysis, employee Net Promoter Score, Millennium Align Scan, Organisational Health Index, employer branding and more.

What analysis options are available?

Common, extended and individual evaluation methods via freely configurable real-time dashboards. GAP analyses, sentiment analyses, free text analyses, key driver analyses, benchmarks, trend analyses, heat maps, correlation analyses and much more.

What are other important features?

Employee experience management data collection across all media, multiple dashboards, role-based reporting, easy survey creation, corporate hierarchy mapping, employee management, automatic and scheduled survey distribution, community feature, one-click micro-pulse surveys, Slack integration, incentives, anonymous employee feedback and more.

Employee Experience Management Platform


Employee Experience Management Platform QuestionPro: We show you all the features and functions. Arrange an individual appointment for a personal live online presentation.

Employee Experience Management Platform QuestionPro

Carry out employee surveys as part of Employee Experience Management

Managing the Employee Experience: QuestionPro's Intelligent and Innovative HR Feedback and Monitoring Platform

QuestionPro EX for the creation and implementation of employee surveys within the framework of employee experience management is an innovative feedback and monitoring system that combines all survey methods from the HR area and, with the help of a real-time analysis dashboard, provides HR and department managers with an all-round view of topics such as the state of mind, performance, goal achievement, skill development, loyalty, corporate culture and identification of your employees. Measure and analyse employee experiences intelligently along the employee journey.

Possible types of employee survey
along the employee journey with the employee experience software QuestionPro EX

With QuestionPro EX you can implement all imaginable feedback methods and also fully automate feedback processes.

360 degree feedback

The QuestionPro tool for 360-degree feedback surveys provides you with a powerful tool for implementing this efficient method for recording and evaluating the performance, professional and social competence of specialists and managers. You can quickly and easily create questionnaires to record the self-image and the image of others and receive detailed evaluations and clear comparisons of the results after the survey.

Classic employee survey

 The classic employee survey is the generalist among HR feedback instruments. Here you can create individual questionnaires and distribute them automatically to your employees via serial mail. The feedback can be collected across all media. With the benchmarking function, you can easily compare individual locations, departments or hierarchies with each other. The data is evaluated via an analysis dashboard that contains countless evaluation methods.

Organisational Health Index

The survey method "Organisational Health Index" gives your company deep insights into the degree of "health" in your organisation. This means whether all employees understand and actually support the company's mission, goals and strategy. Because only if this is the case can your company be successful in the long term. The Organisational Health Index has a great influence on the operational key figures of your company.

Employer Branding

Employer branding surveys help you to see how attractive your company is as an employer and what image it enjoys. The experiences of employees play an essential role in this. If employees have predominantly positive experiences throughout their employment, they will communicate this to the outside world accordingly. Employer branding surveys uncover negative experiences that your company can then eliminate.

Pulse surveys

Regular pulse surveys give you a real-time overview of the current mood, morale and well-being of your employees. With QuestionPro you can easily create, distribute and evaluate pulse surveys. The answer can either be sent by email with a one-click response. Or you can create more complex pulse surveys that can be designed as online surveys. Micro pulse surveys can also be conducted via Slack. A pulse app is also available.

Onboarding / exit surveys

Onboarding surveys help you to see how new employees are inducted. In addition to insights into the organisation of the onboarding process, onboarding surveys also provide information on cultural aspects, e.g. how easy new employees have it in existing teams. Exit surveys give you valuable information on why employees leave the company and thus serve to minimise fluctuation.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement surveys help you understand and describe the nature of the relationship between your company and your employees, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Employees with high engagement are more loyal and productive than those with low engagement. With engagement surveys, you create an important basis for shaping your corporate culture to significantly increase the education and identification of your employees.

Employee Net Promoter Score

The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a method of measuring employee loyalty to the company and is an important indicator of your employees' loyalty to company goals, standards and values. QuestionPro has a question toolset to determine the Employee Net Promoter Score at the click of a mouse. The mathematical formula for calculating this important indicator is already included in this question set.

Continuous listening along the employee journey with the employee experience platform QuestionPro

Continuous listening: Gain unimagined insights into skills, motivation, willingness to perform, engagement and identification

If you want to know what employees can achieve and where competences need to be developed, in which group and team constellation the best results are achieved, how high the commitment and loyalty are, at which time the performance peaks, which elements disturb the well-being and whether defined goals can be achieved, you need a survey system that can collect and evaluate the corresponding data basis with a methodical background for all these topics. The QuestionPro Employee Experience Management Software offers you tailor-made tools for a successful employee experience transformation.

Analysis dashboard in real time: Always an actual overview of the data of your feedback projects.

The Employee Experience Management Dashboard is freely configurable: you decide what you want to see and how. And who is allowed to see what! You can filter your evaluation according to all possible variables and compare them with each other. A wide range of reporting and analysis options are available, such as scorecards, employee net promoter evaluations, free text analyses, key driver analyses, benchmarks and, of course, all the usual standard evaluations you would expect from a system of this class. In addition, you have the option of using the advanced analysis and reporting tool QuestionPro XA, which has a sophisticated rights and role model and is multi-dashboard capable.

Employee Experience Management Software real-time analytics dashboard

Employee community as part of the Employee Experience

The employee community: a place for ideas, discussions, commitment, surveys and exchange! For a living feedback culture.

QuestionPro offers you the possibility to set up and manage your own corporate community, which all employees can access. Here you can initiate surveys, collect and discuss ideas and suggestions, as well as place topics and work on them together in groups. Use the incentive and gamification functions integrated in the community to increase employee engagement. Use the employee community as part of your holistic employee experience management!

Survey your employees along the entire employee journey

From recruiting to leaving the company, you can use QuestionPro to measure, evaluate and optimise all touchpoints within the employee journey on the basis of the real-time data obtained. There are no limits to what you can do. QuestionPro enables you to collect employee feedback even when employees do not have an email address, a mobile device or access to a PC, e.g. on the assembly floor or in production. We are pleased to help you!

Employee Journey

Web-based employee experience management software QuestionPro EX: Features & Benefits

Use the numerous features and functions of QuestionPro EX to conduct employee surveys and touchpoint analyses along the employee journey.

  • Quick and easy setup of the employee experience software for your employee surveys
  • Import of all employee data including organizational chart with mapping of hierarchies via a simple batch upload
  • Complete image of the entire organizational structure / graphic organization chart
  • Immediately usable survey modules for employee surveys, 360 degree feedback, pulse surveys, transfer strength method and many more
  • Clear LiveView dashboard with all relevant questions that you can freely define yourself or take over from our experts
  • Integrated tools for classic satisfaction surveys, ad-hoc and pulse surveys as well as 360 degree feedback, Millennial Align Scan, TRANSFER STRENGTH METHOD® etc.
  • OneKlick feedback for micro-surveys conveniently by email - no additional, annoying login necessary
  • Measurement of well-being, working atmosphere, willingness to perform, degree of goal achievement, etc., also depending on organisational unit, department, location, etc.
  • Implementation of online trainings and assessments
  • Correlation analysis, trend analysis, benchmarking, GAP analysis, heat map analysis and many more
  • Can be used online and offline
  • All applications are "mobile ready"
  • Interfaces to Slack, Google, Office 365 et al.
  • Cross-platform and independent of media, online and offline - also as an APP!
  • Comprehensive analyses and reports in many different formats at the push of a button
  • Fast and easy data export
  • Total anonymity guaranteed
  • Open interface architecture for seamless connection to your existing IT infrastructure to the QuestionPro Employee Experience Software

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Employee Experience Management Software

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