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Mobile market research
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Mobile market research is trendy

Mobile market research is and remains a real trend topic! The reason for this is clear: in Germany, almost every adult of consumer age owns a smartphone that is connected to the internet. This means that basically everyone is reachable on the move at all times. On the street, in the waiting room, in bed, at breakfast, on the couch, while shopping, on the bus and yes, even in the car. So all these people are potential participants for mobile market research. Because mobile market research means that people participate in surveys via mobile devices or generate data that is used for market research purposes. Consciously or unconsciously. This does not necessarily have to happen via a questionnaire. Usage data that is sent to the manufacturer via a used app is also part of mobile market research.

Mobile market research for mobile devices

The collection of data via smartphone services and apps will continue to grow rapidly, and more and more companies will take advantage of this simple yet very efficient consumer research opportunity. After all, the smartphone is encompassing more and more areas of life. We use it to pay, book travel or theatre tickets, keep in touch with our favourite people, keep fitness diaries, maintain our tasks and calendars and use it as a navigation aid. We at QuestionPro have followed this trend and adapted our survey products technically and in terms of service to this development for mobile market research.

In The Moment Research: The big benefit of mobile market research

Mobile surveys can be conducted in real time. For example, in a fast-food restaurant: you eat a burger or a sandwich with relish, then scan a QR code from the paper pad on your tablet or type a short URL into the browser of your smartphone and are taken directly to a micro-survey consisting of only a few questions, the so-called touchpint survey.

Even in shops, shops, department stores, on public transport or in hotels, there are more and more references to mobile touchpoint surveys that can be completed with just a few taps. This is how companies get customer feedback in close proximity to the consumer experience. There has never been anything like this before! A great opportunity to sustainably improve products and services. In The Moment Research is an emerging trend in the field of mobile market research.

If you now reflect on what you felt or thought exactly one week ago, how sure are you that what you think about it now is congruent with what you thought about it one week ago? Of course you know the answer! If we now consider how sustainable the results of an online survey are that refers to past behaviour, then we realise that we should actually only be talking about approximate values.

What does this tell us for market research? If we want even more accurate results, we have to survey our customers very promptly. Or best of all: in real time! On the spot. In the moment! While using a product or service. Right after a meal at a fast food restaurant. While passengers are waiting at the baggage carousel or sitting in the on-board restaurant on a fast train. At the supermarket checkout or after a test drive.

With QuestionPro's market research and experience app, you can still survey your customers in the direct impression of the experience and thus get "real" results that are not coloured and diluted by intermediate experiences, i.e. In The Moment Research as it's best!

Qualitative market research has also long been mobile

Whether video discussions, in-depth interviews or mobile diary studies. With the rapid development of smartphone technology and its increasing spread around the world, smartphones have become an increasingly popular means of collecting qualitative insights. Due to the permanent use of smartphones, market researchers can collect data from test persons and study participants even in remote locations and, above all, far more frequently than would be possible with classic offline methods. In addition, the use of mobile phones significantly reduces the costs associated with qualitative research.

Mobile market research:
The future is in our hands

Good prospects for mobile market research: 3,5 billion people currently own a smartphone

The future of market research is in our hands and averages between 4 to 7 inches. Traditional market research has long since passed. Almost 94% of all market research projects are already carried out online, of which only 6% are mobile market research. So the potential is enormous!

Mobile surveys can be answered virtually from anywhere in the world. At the bus stop, at the doctor's waiting room or in the sickbed, during the lunch break, in the hotel room or wherever. If you keep the questionnaire short and to the point, have the appropriate mobile survey technology and follow other basic rules of mobile market research, it can be a powerful and very valuable survey tool!

From the development of the questionnaire by the company to the fingertip on the "Send data" button by the study participants, never less time has passed than today. Smartphone users can be reached virtually anytime and anywhere. And if the test persons are part of a Market Research Online community or a panel and are also rewarded for filling out questionnaires quickly, companies receive their results at the speed of light. Mobile market research requires the minimum amount of effort.

Mobile market research with QuestionPro: We are pleased to advise you!

If you have any questions about mobile market research, please feel free to contact us. We will show you ways to master all the challenges of mobile surveys with the web-based survey platform QuestionPro. Arrange a personal consultation appointment now!

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