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NPS Key Driver Analysis: Which NPS Drivers Are The Strongest? Find out with driver analysis

Net Promoter Score Driver Analysis


The NPS is used to measure customer loyalty and is an indicator of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and the ability to meet customer expectations are the most important NPS key drivers, i.e. key indicators that can drive your Net Promoter Score upwards.

What is the Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has become so popular that it doesn't really need to be explained. The question “Would you recommend our company to friends and acquaintances” is basically encountered today after almost every online purchase or online contract conclusion. In addition, the NPS is part of every customer survey. The NPS measures the willingness of your customers to recommend them on a scale of 1-10. Those of your customers who give 10 or 9 points are extremely satisfied with the company and the products and will pass this on. Those who give 7 or 8 points to the NPS question are more neutral about your company and your products. Anything less than 7 points is dangerous. Because these customers are deeply dissatisfied and tell others about it! Worst of all, these customers tend to leave! As you can see, the Net Promoter Score is a valuable indicator of customer satisfaction. And that's why you should always keep an eye on your NPS value.

Net Promoter Score Driver Analysis

What are NPS Key Driver Analyzes?

The NPS is used to measure customer loyalty and is also an important indicator of customer satisfaction, which can be derived from the NPS value. The greater the customer loyalty, the greater the customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and the ability to meet or even exceed customer expectations are the most important and strongest NPS drivers (NPS Key Driver) that will make your Net Promoter Score soar. In a driver analysis, also known as key driver analysis, importance analysis and analysis of relative importance, the relationship between each individual variable is determined from a number of variables (independent variables) and an overarching measure such as customer satisfaction. But how do you determine these NPS key drivers? With driver analyses you gain important insights into which determinants have the greatest influence on your Net Promoter Score. When you know which aspects affect the overall satisfaction and loyalty of your customers the most, you know where your company should focus its energies.

NPS driver analysis with QuestionPro CX

QuestionPro CX provides an NPS Key Driver Analysis (NPS Driver Analysis) feature that helps you determine which interactions with your customers have the greatest impact on your overall NPS. The NPS key driver analysis therefore helps you to identify which touchpoints you need to improve and which touchpoints work particularly well. Since you ask your customers the NPS question at different touchpoints as part of touchpoint analyses, the overall NPS value includes results from different sources. You ask the NPS question after an order process, after a support call or a complaint, within a live chat or, for example, after a contract extension.

QuestionPro CX includes the NPS widget “Key Driver Analysis” for NPS driver analysis. The widget uses Spearman's Rank-Order method to calculate the relationship between the determining variables of your NPS value. In this way you can see at a glance which determinants are real drivers, i.e. NPS Key Drivers, for your NPS total score.

Perform NPS driver analysis

With the NPS Driver Analysis widget, you have a turnkey solution for creating driver analyses without the need to configure any code or analysis yourself. The NPS driver analysis of QuestionPro works almost at the push of a button and is therefore easy to use and interpret even by inexperienced users.

1:1 live online presentation:
NPS key driver analyses: Determine NPS drivers using NPS driver analyses QuestionPro CX

We would be happy to show you in a 1:1 live online presentation how to use the CX software from QuestionPro Carry out NPS driver analyses quickly and easily. NPS key driver analyses show you which determinants have the greatest influence on your Net Promoter Score.

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You have questions about NPS driver analyses and would like to know how you can use CX software from QuestionPro NPS driver Be able to carry out analyses? We are happy to help. Simply contact us using the contact form. We look forward to the dialogue with you!

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