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With QuestionPro You can quickly and easily set up, conduct and analyse Onsite Intercept surveys for your website

What are on-site surveys?

On-site surveys are surveys that are carried out on one's own website, for example to gain insights into the user behavior of website visitors or to improve the usability, i.e. the “ease of use” of the website. Website visitors are asked how they perceive the usability of the website using the feedback tab, pop-up or layer surveys.

The days of annoying popup surveys are long gone, browsers are now intelligent enough to block HTML popups and other plugins that want to come to the fore without being asked. Website visitors find this type of survey intrusive and annoying. Website owners now have to find new ways to get in touch with their visitors and interact with them to find out whether the usability is demanding enough. New on-site survey solutions should be easy to integrate into websites so that the marketing and management team does not have to first ask IT to program an application or code for it and insert it into the website. Companies are therefore looking for “agile on-site survey solutions” in which on-site surveys can be quickly adapted or expanded without the help of IT. QuestionPro offers such an on-site survey solution.

What are intercept surveys?

The term intercept survey is the survey of people after a random selection (so-called random selection), in contrast to surveys in which certain demographic data of the survey participants are known and are then explicitly selected. In the Intercept survey, for example, interviewers go through a shopping street and speak to people either completely “out of thin air” or after a certain selection process to find out whether they are interested in taking part in a survey. The term intercept comes from English and means something like "intercept". The term intercept survey comes from the terminology of market research.

What are online intercept surveys?

The whole thing can of course also be transferred to the Internet, here we speak of online intercept surveys or on-site surveys. It is possible to invite website visitors arbitrarily or according to a certain principle to participate in an online intercept survey, in which, for example, a popup window appears on the website with the request to participate in a survey. Or a so-called layer is displayed that covers part of the screen and grayed out the background of the actual website. As mentioned above, such a practice can meet with disapproval from your website visitors.

Time of participation in an on-site intercept survey

The request to participate in the online intercept survey can occur at different times, for example when “entering” the website (on-enter method), while surfing, for example when clicking on a certain link (on-event survey) or else when leaving the website (on-exit survey).

Consciously restrict the selection of survey participants for an on-site survey

The selection of participants for the online intercept survey can either be completely arbitrary according to a random principle, or according to certain criteria such as for example

  • the time of the visit
  • when entering the website
  • when leaving the website
  • the duration of the visit
  • the surfing behavior
  • visiting certain product pages
  • using the keyword

Furthermore, it is possible to select website visitors in on-site surveys according to certain criteria that are visible when surfing, such as:

  • - Operating system used
  • used device
  • Origin of the website visitors

Use QuestionPro for your onsite surveys and online intercept surveys

Our web-based survey platform QuestionPro has all of the functions described above for conducting on-site surveys and is therefore ideally suited for online intercept surveys. No technically complex integration is necessary, all you have to do is place a code generated by the survey system itself on your website and you're ready to go!

Why do you need online intercept surveys?

Use online intercept surveys to find out, for example, who is visiting your website. Find out everything about age, interests, surfing behavior, consumer affinities, purchase intentions and much more! Or you can use the online intercept survey to evaluate your website or as a classic customer survey. Gain valuable insights into the surfing behavior of your website visits and ask them about the usability of your website. In a previous blog article, for example, we talked about the Net Promoter Score. This is also possible using on-site surveys or online intercept surveys. The online intercept survey is part of our on-site survey platform for Customer Experience Management.

1:1 Live Online Demo:
Carry out on-site surveys and online intercept surveys with the CX software from QuestionPro

We would be happy to show you in a 1:1 live online presentation how you can quickly and easily carry out on-site and online intercept surveys without programming knowledge. Arrange a personal presentation appointment now.

Test the software for on-site surveys and online intercept surveys now for free

If you have any questions about on-site surveys or online intercept surveys, feel free to contact us! We look forward to speaking with you! Or test it QuestionPro to create online intercept surveys now for 10 days free of charge and without automatic extension!

Try QuestionPro's market research and experience management platform for free.


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Online Intercept Surveys: Gain valuable insights into the behavior of your website visitors

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