Our strong partners

Enriching your portfolio of solutions and services: In order to offer you the best possible solutions in the areas of market research and experience management, we work together with strong partners. 

Market research and experience management partner


symanto psychology ai

Symanto is a leading artificial intelligence company. Using unique, in-house algorithms that combine psychology and the latest technologies (natural language processing & deep learning for text mining), Symanto analyses text data in real time and offers valuable insights that are already available in various company areas, e.g. product development, corporate strategy, marketing & communication, customer satisfaction, can be used.

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trustpilot logo


Trustpilot is one of the most important and largest websites of its kind in the world where consumers can rate companies. Trustpilot was founded in Denmark in 2007 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The website enables companies to receive feedback on consumption free of charge and to evaluate and react to it via an analysis and marketing function. For many companies, Trustpilot is therefore an important component in their own reputation management.

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Marksim partnership


MARKSIM, Predictive Analytics SaaS provider, specialises in conjoint analysis. The unique MARKSIM methodology uses multidimensional scaling combined with cluster analyses for automatic market segmentation and generates valuable insights for planning successful marketing strategies. MARKSIM combines high-end conjoint analyses with the efficiency of online market research applications and is a reliable technology partner in the most dynamic industries of our time.

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Tribe CX partnership


tribeCX has the topic of Customer Experience Management firmly in its sights. With its individual consulting approaches and modules, tribeCX supports companies on their way to becoming an unconditionally customer-oriented company. As a provider of technologies for conducting and evaluating customer surveys along the "customer journey", tribeCX complements us as a methodical contact and competence partner for customer projects.

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DGQ partnership

German Association for Quality

The German Society for Quality (DGQ) is your competent partner for quality, business excellence and quality management in Germany and thus the first point of contact for companies, specialists, executives and employees when it comes to improving the quality of processes, products and services. Quality management - that is their core competence - and has been very successful for more than 60 years.

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ISPA consult GmbH

The owner-managed company based in Stuttgart cultivates the ideal of scientifically based personnel consultancy and is the contact for all questions relating to personnel management. ISPA consult, 1989 as a spin-off of the Chair of General Business Administration and Human Resource Management at the University of Stuttgart of Prof. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Ackermann, offers holistic human resource management consulting as an independent specialist for personnel problems with a caring mentality.

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Initiative Mittelstand Partnership

Offensive for the SME sector

Our management is part of the core group of c2b and the specialist group "Corporate Culture & Communication" in cooperation with the SME Offensive and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. QuestionPro and c2b use the instruments of the Offensive Mittelstand to advise small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to develop their own quality-assured instruments for a sustainable corporate culture.

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BEST-XP supplies the appropriate feedback terminals exclusively for QuestionPro customers. Feedback terminals support companies with surveys at the point of sale, at meetings, seminars and events. The feedback is transmitted live and current statistics can be called up directly. The terminals are coordinated with QuestionPro's software and thus offer the best experience for end customers when using the feedback booth.

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HS applied management

Applied Management College

The state-recognised University of Applied Management sees itself as a centre of competence for action and creates and imparts practical knowledge at the highest academic level. The university combines professional and academic training and prepares students specifically for specialist and management tasks in the form of face-to-face seminars and online studies. In addition, FHAM offers a dual combined study programme.

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OBJECTIF LUNE was founded in 1995 with the aim of improving customer communication through the use of state-of-the-art technology. The company has since become a leading provider of solutions in the area of business process design and automation, multi-channel output and data capture solutions. OBJECTIF LUNE's products can be integrated into existing systems and IT structures with little to no change.

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Donors help partnership


Promoting social engagement is part of QuestionPro's self-image. That is why we provide non-profit organisations with our survey platform free of charge. Stifter-helfen.net is the IT portal for associations, foundations, gGmbHs and other non-profit organisations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The IT portal has been available in Germany since 2008, in Austria since 2012 and in Switzerland since 2013.

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Platform for surveys, market research and experience management


Kaneo combines user-friendliness, technology and environmental awareness. Energy-saving hardware and free software create independence and flexibility. With turnkey solutions and customised concepts, we support small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, but also start-ups. Holistic support from the very beginning. The satisfaction of our customers should be the result of a long-term cooperation based on partnership.

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Our strong partners

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