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QuestionPro helps you with data entry during the phone interview through an intelligent questionnaire setup with branching logic and validation

  • Make a phone survey with QuestionPro
  • Kiosk mode and connection to third party systems
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interview
  • Branches and validations
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QuestionPro allows as real Enterprise Feedback Management System entering and collecting data across all channels and media. This makes QuestionPro very interesting, especially for market research, since virtually all data collection methods are used, such as:

  • Online survey
  • personal interview with tablet PC (online or offline)
  • Paper & Pencil surveys
  • SMS surveys
  • E-mail surveys
  • Telephone survey

Make a phone survey with QuestionPro

QuestionPro is ideal for conducting a telephone survey. The web-based Survey and analysis platform is CATI-capable and can be run in kiosk mode. CATI stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview). The questionnaire can be defined with QuestionPro as an input mask, so that telephone interviewers can enter the reactions of the survey participants directly on the screen. The input mask, in turn, can be used with the help of Branching routines how to build a conversation guide.


Kiosk mode and connection to third party systems

The Kiosk mode allows telephone interviewers the distraction-free input of data, since all third-party programs run during the interview only in the background or be completely stopped. In addition, the data entry screen automatically jumps to the next question as soon as a previous question has been answered. Due to the open interface concept, QuestionPro also allows third-party systems such as dialers, CRM or ERP tools tie. The seamless integration ensures easy data transfer to the desired systems. Also the QuestionPro Online Panel can be integrated quickly and easily so that you can quickly access a representative sample of your surveys!

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