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Building a committed customer community with the innovative community framework from QuestionPro

Customer community


With the customer community platform from QuestionPro Create a dialogue-oriented brand home for your customers with a customer community in the shortest possible time, gain valuable feedback and also increase loyalty

Customer Community

These are the most important reasons for building your own customer community

Customer Community (Customer Community Platform): Strengthening your own brand through identification

A customer community is a kind of “brand home” for your customers. It's like “coming home”. Customers “go there”, log into a closed room, encounter familiar names, avatars and structures there. Members of a customer community platform have a very high level of identification with the company that operates the community and, above all, with its brands and products. The members are aware that they have an influence on the design of the brand and products and thus also have some responsibility for the successful further development. Customer community members have a special closeness to the brand that “ordinary” consumers do not have. This high degree of identification strengthens your brand because it is proactively communicated by the members to the outside world. Members of a customer community become real promoters and multipliers.

A customer community creates real customer engagement

The customer community is a virtual place where members can meet and exchange ideas about the brand and make suggestions for strengthening the brand and improving the products. You are and feel that you are part of a real, lively community and act accordingly, are active, contribute, want to create added value, contribute ideas, actively participate - and ultimately be rewarded for it. Members of a customer community provide a lot of input! The members are not just important “data providers”, they are also ambassadors for a brand, they talk about it on social networks or at the kitchen table. This type of commitment also distinguishes the members of a customer community!

A customer community can be set up, controlled and managed very easily with the right customer community platform

Another important argument for building a customer community is clearly the possibility of using technological tools to control the virtual community and thus to exert direct influence! For example, ad hoc surveys or small live polls can be fed into a customer community, which guarantee a high level of feedback, for example through incentives with vouchers and bonus points, which in turn can be redeemed by members at trading partners. Focus group discussions can also be easily initiated within the customer community using chat or video chat functions, and that with little effort. In this way, companies that operate a customer community platform also save a lot of time and money!

A technologically very well developed customer community platform also has a central evaluation and analysis board with which those responsible can monitor all activities within the customer community. A simple member management, a clear event planning, the simple administration of forums and topic boards as well as the quick setup of incentive, gamification and engagement tools are a matter of course with technologically mature customer community platforms.

With a customer community you gain valuable and deep insights into the thoughts and emotions of your customers

In a customer community in which your customers feel comfortable and valued and are also rewarded for their commitment, customers reveal a lot about themselves. From simple ideas to product features to complex tips on brand communication: Members of a customer community are a real source of ideas and information. For example, you can also gain important qualitative knowledge through discussions among customer community members within forums and topic boards, without having to actively initiate surveys and discussions. With the help of a customer community platform you gain deep insights into the thoughts and emotions of your customers and can develop your products and services accordingly close to the wishes of your customers!

Read how Energizer is helping the customer community QuestionPro begins. You can find the case study here.

The professional and innovative customer community platform from QuestionPro

The QuestionPro The customer community platform is one of the most technically advanced and functionally comprehensive customer community systems in the world. We asked our customers to give us the reasons why they value our customer community platform so much. What does the QuestionPro Customer community of QuestionPro so special? What are the favorite features? We have summarized the answers for you.

Short set-up time for the customer community

With the QuestionPro Customer Community Tool, the customer community is productive in no time. It contains so many integrated standard functions that a virtual community can be set up at the push of a button within a few minutes.

Direct access to customers

It is, among other things, direct access to customers! The easiest way to invite a large number of people to an online survey, directly from the Customer Community Administration tool. And the data obtained can then easily be evaluated in the customer analytics tool. Everything on one platform.

Easy recruiting of new members

The recommendation function within the Customer Community Tool enables existing members to easily refer friends and acquaintances as new members and to be rewarded for this, whereby we are on the next point ...

Incentivization and gamification

The possibility of offering incentives for particularly active, committed and reliable members of the customer community, for example in the form of vouchers. This is a great incentive to actively participate.

Conducting focus group discussions

Simply being able to hold focus group discussions without great organizational effort, without having to rent overpriced rooms for it, is particularly attractive for young companies.

Integration of an online panel

The uncomplicated integration of an online panel into the feedback community is a valuable expansion option, especially for startups that do not yet have a very large customer base. But also corporations use the online panel intensively and gladly.

Selection of members based on socio-demographic criteria

The possibility of selecting members of the customer community according to certain socio-demographic criteria and thus being able to select a specific group of people, i.e. a target group, for example for surveys or discussions.

Customizable look and feel of the customer community

Complete control over the look & feel of the customer community, so that it can be designed exactly according to the guidelines of your own CI, so that community members actually feel like “at home”.

Clear community analysis dashboard

The clear analysis dashboard looks very tidy, is kept simple and contains all relevant information, community activities and evaluations at a glance.

Easy management of customer communiy

The simple administration of the customer community platform using a clear user interface makes it easy to manage such a complex and multifunctional application as the customer community.

Use of the Customer Community App

With the Customer Community App, members of the customer community have quick and easy access to the system. The community app also has feed functions, push notifications and a very simple and intuitive user interface.

Clear user administration and member area

Both the operator of the customer community platform and the customer community members praised the very clearly structured and easy-to-administer member area.

Idea management

The community platform of QuestionPro has an ideas board where customers can submit ideas and innovation suggestions. Community members can then rate and comment on these ideas.

A well-thought-out customer community benefits customers and companies alike!

Gaining customer feedback without a lot of effort with a committed customer community

There were times when a customer's contact with a company was limited to grabbing the shelf, namely when buying a product. And otherwise the dialogue was seldom: Who had bothered to write to a company if a product did not meet the expectations that it promised in the advertising. Hotlines didn't really exist yet, at least not in the form they are today. The retail sector has not consistently recorded or passed on complaints or suggestions from customers in a structured manner, so that feedback to the manufacturer was basically almost exclusively via complex market research methods, such as group discussions, at which participants still had to be present. Or by means of mall intercept interviews and standardized paper & pencil surveys.

Brand home for customers

It's different today! Of course, face-to-face tests are still taking place today, and test subjects have to be present, for example for taste-blind tests or when it comes to haptic product experiences. But most of the market research activity has shifted, namely to the Internet. Thanks to the Internet, companies and customers are now more closely interwoven. And companies are increasingly giving their customers a home on the Internet, for example to be able to articulate complaints, ideas, suggestions and experiences. This virtual home is called a feedback community or customer community.

In a well-managed and committed customer community, customers and companies grow together quickly

Within the customer community, customers can - depending on the functionality of the customer community platform used and in contrast to social networks - not only get rid of frustration or compliments, but also actively participate in the development and improvement of products, for example by taking part in online surveys , Participate in quick polls, virtual group discussions and brainstorming sessions, bring in ideas, rate and comment on the ideas of others, support other customers, respond to product complaints and even mediate between companies and disgruntled consumers. As you can see: the possibilities for interaction are almost inexhaustible. And companies receive feedback from all these interactions, which is collected, structured and analysed. This feedback then flows directly into improving products or addressing target groups more precisely, for example.

The customer community offers advantages for customers and companies alike

Depending on the level of expansion of such a customer community portal, companies can incentivize their customers, i.e. members of the customer community, for their commitment. Incentivizing means that community members are rewarded for their commitment, for example with vouchers, product tests, promotional items, BahnBonus points or access to certain information and special areas. That varies from company to company. Community members will certainly not get rich from it. But those who contribute more will also be rewarded more often. If companies are more committed, they also receive more feedback, and customers in turn benefit from product improvements. But not only that: The feeling of responsibility, participation, community experiences and being able to actively help and support are soft criteria for greater commitment on the part of community members.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about setting up and administering a customer community portal

If you have any questions about the customer community for customer feedback and how you can build a lively community in the shortest possible time, please do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to speaking with you! But it would be best if we would show you in depth and in detail all the functions and advantages of the customer community platform from QuestionPro!

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