In our eBook “TURF-Analysis” we show you what exactly is behind the term TURF and how you can use the TURF analysis to create optimal coverage in media campaigns and an optimal assortment policy.

Introduction to TURF analysis

The TURF analysis (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) was designed for the analysis and estimation of media or market potential as well as the development of optimal communication and placement strategies. TURF is a statistical model used to answer questions such as “Where should we place ads in order to reach the widest possible audience? AND “What market share will we achieve with which product lines?” The TURF analysis was originally developed for the analysis of media campaigns and later extended to product, line and sales analysis. With QuestionPro you can perform TURF analyses quickly and easily. The TURF simulator calculates optimal configurations for maximum reach and maximum sales.

The eBook TURF-Analysis is written in english language and can be downloaded with the adjacent form (PDF, ca 450kb)


  • Overview and explanation: What is a TURF analysis?
  • TURF analysis simulator
  • Price modelling with the TURF analysis
  • Line optimization with the TURF analysis

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