The QuestionPro eBook on Customer Experience Management provides you with valuable practical knowledge on the topics of customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, customer journey, touchpoint analysis, net promoter score, customer satisfaction score and much more…


What is Customer Experience Management?

Customer Experience Management is about the consistent recording, control and optimization of all contact points at the interface between a company and its customers. Customer Experience Management can therefore be understood as the identification of contact points and the compilation of a catalogue of measures which are intended to convey positive experiences with a company’s brands, products and services to customers and interested parties and to reduce negative experiences.Inhalt des eBooks

QuestionPro’s practice-oriented eBook on Customer Experience Management is about how to identify and significantly improve contact points between your customers and your company, brands and products and how to make the positive changes measurable. Furthermore, terms from the world of Customer Experience Management are explained and illustrated with practical examples. Learn how to determine the Net Promoter Score and compare it with other companies. At the end of the eBook, two user reports show you how Customer Experience Management is applied in practice.

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QuestionPro is one of the world’s largest providers of survey and analysis software for customer experience management. On our product page you will find → further information.

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